Photo by Lisa Redfern

The natural world has been my inspiration for as long as I can remember. I was always one of those kids that adored nature programs and books. My parents passed on their appreciation of the natural world to me; both are avid gardeners and animal lovers. It is through close observation of the nature that I seek to understand the whole world better. Layers, emotions and concepts have great meaning for me and I try to include them as much as possible. I love horses, birds and flowers very much. I'm lucky to live in the beautiful province of Alberta, Canada, where nature is as close as my door step - just ask the gopher who lives there!

My favourite mediums are chalk pastels, acrylics and pencil crayons. I look forward to exploring new mediums as I continue on with my BFA at the Alberta College of Art and Design. My favourite artists are Fred Remington, Eugene Delacroix, Franz Marc, Ralph Steadman, El Greco and Tom Thomson.

Purple Pony Art was born in 2004 when my mother asked me to print some of my art on cards for Christmas sales. My first year of sales was $12, but I was encouraged to persevere. Purple Pony Art is registered as a trade name in Alberta and I hold a proper Calgary business licence. I can usually be found at five or six Christmas sales a year in November - in fact, I maintain a list of sales at in order to better connect buyers with sellers.

My work and words can be found on a number of websites:

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