Christine Bennett

2017 Calgary and Area Craft Sales

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If you would like to list an art or craft related sale, please send me an email at calzephyr AT gmail DAWT com (use a @ and a . where the AT and DAWT are). Please note that I cannot register vendors for sales because I am not hosting any sales. All information is provided "as is" and is believed to be accurate, but may change from the time of posting.

The calendar may not be as frequently updated for 2017 as it was in previous years. I had a very challenging summer - thanks for your understanding!

Looking to find me at a craft sale? You'll find me mostly around at Christmas time, but occasionally in the summer. Check out my Facebook page.

Check Travel Alberta to search for dates and locations. Shoppers, don't forget to bring cash! Many vendors can't accept credit cards and most venues, such as churches, don't have ATMs. Bring a food bank donation too - many sales are collectioin points or offer admission with donation.

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2017 Repeating Markets

Craft Artisan Truck has hit the street and is also at the Calgary Farmer's Market. Website for more info.

The Market Shop Local is a market holding monthly events. For more information, please check out

Calgary Dollars Potlucks and Markets
The potluck and market is held every month. There is no charge for a table, but vendors are required to accept a minimum of 25% Calgary Dollars on transactions. Many of the vendors are artists, artisans and micro-businesses. Please contact Calgary Dollars for dates and info.

Market Collective
Market Collective occurs about every two months in assorted locations in Calgary, Alberta featuring live music and lots of local talent. Website for more info

Marketspot is a collaborative market between Market YYC and Art Spot. Check the website for more info.

Calgary Weekend Market
A rotating market around the city featuring a variety of vendors from businesses. Website for more info.

Visit Travel Alberta to find farmer's markets close to Calgary.

Remember too that you can always shop locally by finding Calgary and area vendors on Etsy's location search.

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Past sales are archived here - 2009, 2008.